Personal website and curriculum vitae of Mitch Vidler. This is a place where I share professional info about myself and some of my thoughts.


Technology and branding advocate. Currently Vice President of Strategy, Slingshot at Symphony EYC. The majority of my work is conducted in the UK and USA.

The word “digital” is one of my least favourite words. Digital is not a silo, nor should there be a singular department or even individual responsible for “digital” in an organisation. Everyone is immersed in a digital space, you and I, our parents and our children. “Digital” transcends every single person’s life. I have advised some of the world’s largest brands and retailers on this matter.

I have strong feelings about continuity, detail and user experience and believe that keeping true to these values has been one of the many drivers for my success to date. I like to work with people and organisations that share the same passion and devotion to excellence.

As well as extensive management experience I program and co-built the Slingshot platform. I have also personally written brand communications for the likes of AB Inbev, Kelloggs, Kraft and PepsiCo as well as built new advertising formats and targeting solutions for Facebook. I have a particular focus on social engagement, creative execution, targeting efficiency and using those three elements to drive sales performance.

I advise and mentor start-ups that come through the UK University system.

Enjoy my Xbox, avid mountain biker, keen on cars, Formula 1 geek and wannabe dog owner.

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