Creator and Co-Author of Slingshot

Slingshot is a multi-award winning platform that lets individuals place products they see in day to day life straight into the baskets of stores they already shop with, in one click. No sign up, plug-in, installation or downloads are required!

For example, if you shop at Tesco then when you press a Slingshot – that item will go into the basket of your Tesco account and be there for you when you next sign in to Tesco.

Slingshot re-defined the relationship between consumers, brand and retailers.

The Slingshot technology was designed and developed to be self service, managing and even tracking all basket additions inside a comprehensive online software suite.

From its humble beginnings, Slingshot was refined from a simple product addition tool into one of the most powerful tools for increasing online sales in recent time, boasting promotion tracking, price comparison mechanics and one of the world’s most advanced and immediate couponing systems, all from a branded or unbranded marketing touchpoint.

Using a multitude of programming languages, utilising varying aspects of each language and developing multiple engines for handling product additions has been key to the success of the Slingshot technology. Some of these include PHP, Java and Javascript.

A core focus has always been on ease of use for users as well as brands, a Slingshot can be made and placed in under 60seconds, which has contributed to the on-going success of the system.



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