Marketing Assistant at Danone

Danone is a fast moving, dynamic, high achieving company with an ambitious mission and clear objectives on how to achieve its mission. I had a range of responsibilities from the tracking of brand performance including key consumer and sales metrics to analysis of my own and other people’s projects such as couponing activity and promo performance reports. I put in place tracking for the performance of online activities including keyword efficiency, natural search rates and terms. I also implemented tracking of buzz monitoring.

I was responsible for all aspects of pack process and pack design. Due to my background I was able to streamline the process of pack design for Danone into a far faster and cost effective way of designing, testing and reproducing packaging. Bringing the majority of the pack design inhouse gave the team greater control of the packaging and allowed us to try more combinations of ideas at no additional cost to really make sure the product was perfect at point of sale.

I was responsible for a number of creative projects from developing packaging right through to print adverts and supporting with planning, storyboarding and filming of TV shoots.

However I focused my attention on the digital presence of the brand, which was something brand new for Danone.

I launched channels on selected social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter and integrated these into our careline as a new way for consumers to contact Actimel with any questions or queries. This increased the brands perception of honesty, integrity and strengthened brand belief which was identified as one of the key levers for growth.

My digital influence also extended beyond Actimel and to the identifying of opportunities to optimise the existing online presence of other Danone brands in terms of SEO.

I was involved in a Strat plan project to push more volume through online retail, reporting directly to the senior management committee, for which I won an award.

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