Development for Facebook

Facebook is a social platform and therefore required a different tact to advertising rather that the traditional one way messaging. I co-wrote and developed a custom ad format to be injected directly into an individual’s newsfeed. This custom format would stay inside the Facebook Chrome and would add a brands item/promo/recipe to a user’s online basket. This could also be coupled with a coupon to offer an incentive to add to basket.

This custom ad format used the Slingshot network and therefore could be tied into data across the web as well the likes of Dunnhumby. This lead to a degree of targeting that has never beed seen before. For example when used for a beer brand that wanted to target football fans, we can set up segments that  had talked about football in the last 30 days, like football and have brought a competitor product in the past 60 days. This ad is then sent directly into that users newsfeed on their mobile device – during their commute – with a football related CTA. The ad would offer £2 off when they add that beer, right here, right now from their mobile without leaving Facebook.



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